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[HA] Info and recent updates
This is a halo clan, we will be playing useing XBOX Connect. Later on when Halo 2 comes out we will switch over to XBOX Live and play on there. We are looking for some good snipers and good 1 on 1 battlers.


Today SNIPE quit the clan. he says he culd get better. Maybe he can, but he says he is gonna be #1 in the world. LOL! #1? keep saying that to your self ryan!


Today we became allies with the Natral born Killers clan, [-nBk-], visit their site ay www.nbkclan.cjb.net!


Today our clan is officially active. We are recruiting alot. For information about joining please the recruitment page. Just look for [HA]SNIPE[WL] or [HA]HaLoHoLiC[WL] on XBC or email me at NEAR888@optonline.net -or- Haloholic316x@aol.com to set up a try out date and time.


Happy friday the 13th! Also, we need more PEOPLE!!!! please email me for info on joining.


Well Ryan wanted me to update the the site, so I am, I'm adding 2 new poeple. Check the roster.


Just got myself another war lord...check the roster page.


Today is the offical start date of Haloholics Anoymous. WE ARE LOOKING FOR MEMBERS!!!! To join just go sign up in the Recruitment page.

New Members
[HA]The_Stranger[NR] has joined. He is new to xbox connect but he is very good.
[HA]BARRETT[NR] just joined. i beat him 13-15, he was very good though. Needs improvment but has lot of potential skill.
[HA]Reaggae[NR] has joined. The NR stand for new recruit. He will get a rank after me and ryan (ryan is the other leader, his name is [HA]SNIPE[WL]) see how good he is. Check him out on XBC.

The site creator is me, [HA]HaLoHoLiC[WL], so anything referring to "me" is [HA]HaLoHoLiC[WL]. Ryan is the other leader, he is the main recruiter and his name is [HA]SNIPE[WL].

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